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FICEP Gemini Plate Processing

FICEP Gemini


Drilling | Milling | Tapping | Countersinking | Scribing | Oxy cutting | Plasma Cutting

Technical Specifications

Plate Size (max mm) – 3100 x 12000
Plate thickness with plasma (mm) – 40
Plasma straight torches – 1
Plate thickness with oxy (mm) – 80
Oxy-fuel torches – 1
Drilling heads – 1
Drilling tools per head – 8
Drilling diameter (mm) – 40
Drilling thickness (max mm) – 80
Spindle power (kW) – 15
Spindle max RPM – 7000
Machine weight (kg) – 4800


Drilling Unit
The high speed machining spindle allows extremely productive drilling of holes from 5 to 40mm. For larger holes the Gemini can mill Holes with exceptional accuracy on diameter.

Tool Changer
Automatic tool change systems, managed by the CNC, having 8 positions it allows the line with all the necessary tools.

Advanced Milling
Dedicated software allows special milling operations such as straight slots, special curve slots, countersinking with milling tool, edge prepping is available.

Scribing operations are available for identification marks or part numbers, fabrication and bending lines, center locations for positioning and welding, deeper marking viewable after painting/galvanizing.

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