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Meet The Team

Name:  Dave Godden
Job Title:  General Manager
Date Joined:  April 2013
Summary of Responsibilities: Ensuring production is running smoothly | Ensuring sales targets are achieved | Looking after customers and staff | Managing the overal business | Looking after Billington work
Likes:  Good service
Dislikes:  Bad service
Hobbies:  Amateur football, family & work

Name:  Jon Wright
Job Title:  Works Manager RWC
Date Joined:  September 1997
Summary of Responsibilities: Managing and coordinating work for shop floor employees to ensure they work efficiently, diligently and industriously throughout the day | Ensure efficiences and best practices are met | Inspect the quality of completed jobs | Investigate and resolve technical issues as raised by operatives regarding any aspect of their working day | Investigating new and improved methods of working | Responsible Welding Coordinator
Likes:  Spending time with my family
Dislikes:  Costly errors that can be avoided
Hobbies:  Going to the gym and regularly playing golf

Name:  Mike Bawden
Job Title:  Sales Manager
Date Joined:  January 2017
Summary of Responsibilities: Prepare customer quotations and processing orders | All aspects of business development and customer care | Prepare commercial reports to the Senior Management team | Liaise with Production team to ensure customer projects are processed within agreed timescales
Likes:  Rugby union & liquorice
Dislikes:  Football, cauliflower cheese & all TV soaps
Hobbies:  Keen motorcyclist, Patron of Sandal RUFC & studied various forms of martial arts since the age of 15

Name:  Darren Bingham
Job Title:  CAD Manager / Production Planner
Date Joined:  May 2013
Summary of Responsibilities: Shop floor planning | Quality control | Production Planning
Likes:  Kat Von D, Food & Drink
Dislikes:  Spiders, mushrooms & maternity jeans
Hobbies:  Modelling

Name:  John Adams
Job Title:  Senior Team Leader
Date Joined:  December 2014
Summary of Responsibilities: Liaise with Sales & Production teams | Help plan production times | Supervising shop floor operatives
Likes:  Chocolate & sunshine
Dislikes:  Arrogance & animal cruelty
Hobbies:  Fitness training of any kind

Name:  Liam Bilsborough
Job Title:  CAD Technician
Date Joined:  August 2013
Summary of Responsibilities: Organising cutting schedules for shop floor | Importing / drawing profiles | Nesting programmes for shop floor | Liaising with sales to offer achievable delivery dates
Likes:  Chinese food, holidays & cider
Dislikes:  Spam, ignorant people & cyclists
Hobbies:  Doncaster Rovers, Formula 1 & football

Name:  Darren Lee Flesher
Job Title:  Logistics Supervisor
Date Joined:  May 2008
Summary of Responsibilities: Managing goods inwards/outwards | Checking quality of materials | Inputting materials into Shafton’s admin systems | Overseeing yard staff and movement of materials around yards and between departments
Likes:  Music, history & travelling
Dislikes:  Olives, freezing cold & alcohol-free lager
Hobbies:  Going to gigs & reading (mainly historical)

Name:  Melly Cunliffe
Job Title:  Profile Supervisor
Date Joined:  May 2008
Summary of Responsibilities: Ensuring profile machines are constantly running (if we’re not cutting we’re not earning!) | Picking all plates for machinery | Despatching orders
Likes:  Football
Dislikes:  Eastenders
Hobbies:  Working

Name:  Robert Raynor
Job Title:  Shot Blast Supervisor
Date Joined:  Oct 2011
Summary of Responsibilities: Looking after goods in | supervising shot blasting
Likes:  Football & fine Scottish wines
Dislikes:  Cutting grass & decorating
Hobbies:  Watching Barnsley & DIY

Name:  Kevan Jenkins
Job Title:  Shift Supervisor
Date Joined:  May 2015
Summary of Responsibilities: Ensuring all work is carried out safely and on time | Managing afternoon shift personnel | Conducting quality, safety and daily checks | Liaise with Production / CAD team and sales to ensure deadlines are met
Likes:  Football
Dislikes:  Liverpool FC
Hobbies: Grass roots football (Junior)

Name:  Ryan O’Connor
Job Title:  Profile Manager
Date Joined:  March 2018
Summary of Responsibilities: Every day running of the CAD department and making all profiling & processing jobs hit delivery quality and standards | Making sure the health & saftey policy is adhered to | Maintaing machines and looking after purchasing of consumables | Planning workshop workloads
Likes:  Food, drinking, holidays, family, friends & Liverpool FC
Dislikes:  Manchester Utd, Manchester City FC, Chelsea FC, machine breakdowns and bad quality
Hobbies: Mountain biking, football, golf & socialising

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