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FICEP Endeavour Saw/Drill

FICEP Endeavour


Sawing | Drilling | Milling | Tapping | Countersinking | Scribing | Marking

Technical Specifications

Web width min./max. (90) (mm) – 80/1100
Flange height min./max. (90) (mm)- 42/450
Blade size (mm) – 54 x 1.6
Blade speed (m/min) – 150
Band saw motor (kW) – 15
CNC Axes (no.) – 7+3+2


Measuring System
A sophisticated combination of probing, clamping and laser devices allows precise measuring of beam length and width, as well as flanges and web height.

Three 31 kW Independent Spindles
The users can rely on three direct drive independent drilling heads with maximum power on each spindle. The three high-tech spindles can operate simultaneously on both flanges and the web.

Auxiliary Sub Axes
Each spindle is equipped with an additional auxiliary axis which generates an extra stroke to carry out countless operations by keeping the material clamped in position. This translates into greater flexibility and unequalled productivity.

Direct Drive Spindle
The powerful direct drive spindle ensures high drilling performances. This heavy duty, yet simple design, makes this spindle the most efficient and advanced on the market today.

Carbide Drilling
Thanks to the sophisticated spindle, carbide drilling will ensure top notch performances.

Advanced Milling
Thanks to the auxiliary axes feature, advanced milling operations such as rat holes and weld-prep are available on this model.

Tool Changer
The automatic tool change system is managed by the CNC and is equipped with 6 positions on each spindle.

Magnetic Device
When combined with band saw, a special device with magnet allows to unload short pieces towards the outfeed rollerway or onto the unloading table for short pieces.

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