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Corimpex Beam Welding Line

Automatic, two head submerged arc-welding line.

Specifically designed for the manufacture of welded “T” and double “T” girder-beams with parallel or converging flanges, can also weld cambered/curved sections.

Capable of welding items with the web located vertically.

Capable of welding both symmetrical and non-symmetrical beams, as well as box-girders (pre-tacked).

Has the ability to weld large Chs’s/SHS’s including PPBW’s & FSBW’s.

Has an affective welding range of 22m Lg with a maximum width of 1250mm.

18t maximum weight (governed by existing cranes).

Range between 15 – 100mm through thickness double-sided butt weld or with metallic backing partial penetration.

Range between 15 – 60mm through thickness single-sided butt weld with metallic backing using MAG 135.

Thickness from 5mm and above with no upper through thickness restrictions for both multi and single run fillet welds.

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